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While there are many cannabinoids that may enhance the therapeutic effects of hemp products, the most common renowned product is the phytochemicals in the Cannabis genus that contain the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the substance that is responsible for all of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. CBD has long been associated with the variety that offers up the best help benefits without offering up the high that the THC gives to users. While the CBD may not be the feature that is in all of the hemp products, it’s a by-product of the THC. Produced during the oxidation process, it’s found more frequently in the aged forms of the cannabis. As it oxidizes it ages the plant and leads to different phytochemical profiles that give different highs. This, in turn, gives different therapies for users. The CBN doesn’t bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors like the THC does. It’s long been known to give a stronger sedative effect when it’s used in combination with the THC.

It’s not yet known if it will benefit the user when it’s added to the CBD rich and THC-free hemp. In addition, CBN has been discovered to reduce skin cells that are overgrowing. This is vital as it can show great benefits on the horizon to those who are undergoing treatments for psoriasis where the skin inflammation leads to overproduction of the skin cells. This can mean great help is at the fingertips for many who suffer from the silver-like scaly condition.

At CBD Oil Manufacturer, all of our products are made with 100 percent USA, Zero THC and 80 percent purity full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp. This is carefully derived from a variety of cultivars of hemp which contain an abundance of cannabinoids.

A lot of people are very familiar with CBD or Cannabidiol. This is found in highly concentrated amounts in a variety of products. However, there are lots of cannabinoids that are found in hemp. These have shown a variety of benefits in studies. All of our products offer you full-spectrum hemp oil. This also includes all of our cannabinoids that are found in the plant. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the benefits.

Additionally, many of the cannabinoids have more information below. Hemp oil is an ideal source of essential vitamins and minerals including fatty acids like Omega 3s. It also offers flavonoids and chlorophyll as well as terpenes.

On the molecular level, all of the classes of cannabinoid are derived from CBG or Cannabigerol, cannabinoid. These are changed from the original acids by decarboxylation via heat and light or an alkaline condition. This allows them to fully with the endocannabinoid systems. You can learn more here in our full report.

Cannabidiol CBD

This is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp oil. It makes up 90 percent of the content of cannabinoid. It’s non-psychoactive and the focus is on how it benefits the body via the hemp oil. It has minimal affinity for CB1 or CB2 receptors. The main focus on interaction is in the endocannabinoid system and it acts as an indirect antagonist toward the cannabinoid antagonists. This, in turn, may allow the CBD to temper the high that is caused through the THC. Our products at CBD Oil Manufacturer are over 80 percent pure and CBD makes up the majority of the Oils weight. Industry averages and nearly all of the other products with cannabinoids and brands average in at 17 to 40 percent purity.


What’s The Difference Between CBD And CBN?

Cannabis has a number of cannabinoids in which the most abundant are the levels of THC. There are 9 tetrahydrocannabinol as well as CBD and CBN. This is the active ingredient that makes you high. The THC is in the plant and the CBD is the precursor and the CBN is the metabolite of the THC. As the cannabis ages, the THC level breaks down into the CBN.

The THC is the component that offers the most psychoactive effect and it’s also the most effective on the symptoms like pain and bronchospasm. CBN and the CBD aren’t in and of themselves psychoactive, however, they can take the edge off of a THC high. this, in turn, tends to help relax the user and reduces the anxiety as well as the paranoia.

Additionally, the CBD has been found to work as an anticonvulsant which shows promise in treating such conditions as MS, epilepsy, Muscle spasms and more. This was recently published in research. It is believed to help reduce the neurotoxins in the brain which follow brain damage when a stroke or head trauma has happened.

This also leads researchers to believe that the CBD might give some protection against ecstasy-derived neurotoxins or long-term depletion of the serotonergic receptions. While this is still speculation, it’s investigating further. The CBD is usually present in significant enough quantities in such products as hashish or cannabis resins. However,r it’s also in the herbal cannabis referred to as skunk in smaller amounts.

While the smoked forms of cannabis offer up some advantages over the oral or edible preparations such as rapid onset of the actions or the ability to control how much is taken, the smoking also has carcinogens such as tars and other things that can readily irritate the lungs and cause serious respiratory conditions or even lung cancer.

With no effective filters in the roaches, the deeper inhalation by the cannabis smoker may increase this risk to dangerous levels. The study of the smoke composition is quoted by the BMA and as it’s been referred to others. There are many poor quality cannabis dealers out there and the deeper inhalation methods used by the smokers the risk is far greater.

Smoking the cannabis “neat” can cause more damage according to many researchers. This also leads to unanticipated levels of the CBDs and the THC as there is no accurate measurement of the levels when the product isn’t quality checked.

Another benefit per the researchers is that the CBN is able to improve and speed up bone healing. This shows great promise for anyone who has broken a bone. According to the study, they stimulate the growth indirectly by recruiting the stem cells to “get to work”.

The process, known as mesenchymal stem cells are renowned for their ability to improve bone growth and improve healing for broken bones. As people age, more people are at a higher risk for a serious fracture due to slips and falls. Treatments such as this can speed healing as well as improve it.

Burns are another frequent injury that has shown significant improvement with the use of CBN. It may offer some pain relief and speed healing to the body. More trials are underway.

Overall, the CBN is a great cannabinoid that offers up a varied range of therapeutic applications that work together with the rest of the “team” in order to offer up the best possible results. Clearly, more clinical trials are required to see how else it can benefit patients.



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